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To those who would like to purchase our cards, but might got little confused about our page descriptions, or has some questions. Please click this FAQs URL to view it, you will get almost all answers of your "questions" / "confusions"

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click below link to download the excel spreadsheet for preview .

check the videos here 

Preset Price (sample providing):

$39 ~ $89 per lot free shipping for seller's pre-made lists.
(text list click here)
To celebrate website guys 7th anniversary, we are doing super deal promotion now.
From Aug 21th to Aug 28th. 
Buy 2 sets, get 1 set as bonus free.
Buy 3 sets, get 2 sets as bonus free.
Buy 4 sets, get 3 sets as bonus free.
(You can mix your sets, eg: buy 3 sets F2, you can choose the 2 sets gift from ABC/H1/H2/3/4/5/F1/2/3/FK/F12R)
(the free sets, you can choose the same list or the lower price list. )
list A, cost $45 per set. (it's one each, not 4 each)
list B, cost $39 per set.
list C (mix with holo, foil and regular cards), cost $65 per set
Holo list H1, cost $85 per set.
Holo list H2/H3/H4/H5/H6, cost $45 per set/list.
Foil list F1, cost $79 per set.
Foil list F2/F3/FK/F12R, cost $89 per set.
Discord 7 sets, Aggro,Control,EDH,cEDH,Lands,Legacy,Mixed. cost $35 per list/set.

Reddit/Rockets mtg communities members, get $10 coupon for your initial order.
Reddit Community:  (Subscribe it get $10 coupon)
and get $15 refund after in-depth unbiased review made on communities.

Sweet Tips:
1. This super deal is only valid from Aug 21th to Aug 28th.
2. When you want to buy 10 sets or more,
please email seller service to get extra discount.
3. H2/3/4/5/6 and F2 are 7th gen, F3 and F12R are 8th gen, FK is 9th gen, others are 6th gen. 

And for buyer's own card list (or called "customized list"),
it costs $2.5 each, if the card is from "cards mass produced" tab, non-holo only.
it costs $3.5 each, if the card is from "cards mass produced" tab, for regular holo H1 cards.
it costs $4.5 each, if the card is from "cards mass produced" tab, holo cards from H2/3/4/5/6 list.
it costs $6.5 each, if the card is from "cards mass produced" tab, foil cards from F/1/2/3/FK/F12R list.
Above 4 types, all made by German imported black core paper. mass produced.
And the 5th type, it costs $1.0 each only,
if the card is not belonging to that 647"cards mass produced" tab.
we call it "other cards",please write them at the 2nd tab which is called "other cards"
this "other cards" tab will be made by China white core paper,home Inkjet printer made,
casual play only! Do not expect too much on quality, and can't do foil cards.
please be aware that "cards mass produced" tab, its quality is wayyy better than "other cards" tab.
Your customized list order, minimum order quantity: 27pcs
please fulfill your card list into below excel format, click it to download the excel.

Attention: If you need less than 27 cards, you can still email us,
but need to pay an extra "printing fee" about $5 to $20, it depends on your list.

7th gen Foil preset list F2 (text list click here), fixed judge promo star bug compared to F1:

8th gen Foil preset list F12R (text list click here), fixed some bugs compared to F1 & F2.

Send email to: get any cards you want, black core German paper water test PASS bend test PASS light test PASS,
 tournament possible in sleeve!!! send email to place your order !! click here to contact

6th Gen Foil preset list F1, customer youtube video review(text list click here):
click below green link, to download the excel spreadsheet, can read them more clear !
website guys 21 premade lists ABC,H1,H2,H3,H4.H5,H6.F1,F2,F3,F12R.FK & Discord 7 sets - V3

7th Gen Holo preset list H2 (22 holo cards and 2 non-holo cards), color improved, compares to list H1.
customer youtube video review (text list click here)

And if you are just looking for proxy mtg cards, to play casually, home fun, kitchen table play, then we suggest you go with China white core paper version, which cost $1.0 per card only !

Foil list F1(text list click here):
Hologram list H2 (text list click here)
List H1 ( 56 holo cards - 5 mana symbol inside the hologram oval  (text list click here)
and Regular list ABC, all videos demo you can check at our youtube channel.


Review zone: 

Karn, Scion of Urza Dominaria and Teferi, Hero of Dominaria Dominaria review, you can check this imgur review.

For F1, F2 and 598 MP cards pool (customized list), you can view this review.

WSG Review Pics Part 1
WSG Review Pics Part 2
For hologram list H2 review, you can video this review or view below reviews screenshots

7th Gen Holo Preset list H3/H4/H5, please check below vids.

6th Gen German Paper Proxy!!!  sample providing not free though

color updated, not dark any more.  check the album to see difference, (cards on the right side, are the latest updated production)

5th Gen German Paper Proxy
  1. update 2 cards
  2. correct some cards' color (ex. blood moon, Onslaught fetch lands, Liliana of the veil)
  3. improved some cards' color, (P9, Dual lands)
  4. List C ready
List A  (54 cards) <click here to see which cards in the list>:  (reproduced, not dark any more)

Original (left) VS Proxy (right) -  click the image to see detail

List B(54 cards)<click here to see which cards in the list>:  (reproduced, not dark any more)


List C (56 cards) <click here to see which cards in the list>:

1. How many pre-made card list you have ? can you do all mtg cards ? or just your pre-made list?
Re: We have 17 pre-made lists,  We can do all mtg cards.

2. For the Customized list, any MOQ request?
Re: minimum order quantity is 27pcs.

3. How to pay my order?
Re: could be paid by Paypal, or by credit card, prepaid card, western union, bank transfer.

4. Any buyer protection Policy?
Re: Full refund if cards do not arrive.  If quality not as described, or you are not satisfied,
tell us the detailed reason, we will refund you once proved.

5: Any physical photos, or video of your 4th gen German paper cards?
Re: Sure, please read down our website page, you will find photos link and youtube video.

6. Any online reviews of your cards, that are made by your buyers?
Re: Sure, it has. Please read down our page, you could see the screenshot of our youtube video online comments,
or you could find these comments on our youtube video page!


 Photos: 3rd Gen German Paper Proxy 3rd Gen german Paper proxy IMG_2076 IMG_2101 

Limited sample offering!!! only this week! send your address to, and ask for sample

3rd Gen German Paper 1 set = 55 cards, list as below

German Paper proxy customize available $2.5/card, finish process in 30 days, all cards available, include EMN (Eldritch Moon) and Eternal Masters which just released. order start from 56 cards. PS. it's great quality as well. but not 100% as good as the pre-set list (54/55 cards a deck, 3rd gen, 4th gen). Some buyer says 90% to 95% quality score to 4th Gen. to finish payment, click here A. txt file required. please name the file as "total quantity + email", such as "104", make sure the quantity is a multiple of 4. B. how to make your list? please check list sample as below, and put in a txt file(not en excel document): list sample 4 Tarmogoyf [Modern Masters]  4 Liliana of the Veil Innistrad  4x gaeas cradle (urzas saga) × 4 gaea's cradle Urza's Saga  3 library of alexandria (arabian) × 3 library of alexandria Arabian Nights  2 tropical islands beta × 2 tropical island beta  4x Snapcaster Mage-inistrad × 4 Snapcaster Mage innistrad  requirements are simple. 1. use correct names of cards and sets ( official’s only) if you don’t know the correct card name, search in if you don’t know the correct set name, visit : 2. no “x” behind quantity number , no “-” C. make sure NO mistyping, before sending it to me ( please forgive us that we do not have the time to correct every mistype, so all wrong name cards, will be replaced by other random cards.

order start from 56 cards. shipping fee $2.5. (if want DHL, $17 shipping fee)